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Tasty Sauces

We have mastered the recipe to a NEW line of Tasty sauces and things are about to get real saucy around here. Now available for purchase so you can take Tasty home with you!

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The Tasty Sauces

Indian Butter Sauce

350 ml | Spice Level: Medium | Vegetarian

A staple in the Indian sauce universe. Originates from the early 1950's from Northern India. The Tasty Brand Indian Butter Sauce is a creamy tomato gravy, infused with a wide selection of hand-picked Indian spices, herbs and fine ingredients.

Traditional Indian Curry

350 ml | Spice Level: Medium | Vegan

Traditional Indian Curry is a very important base for most traditional Indian dishes. The Tasty brand has simplified and made it easy for curry lovers to cook a wide selection of Indian dishes in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Indian Vindaloo Sauce

350 ml | Spice Level: Hot | Vegan

Indian Vindaloo Sauce is Tasty's most fierce curry. Indian Vindaloo Curry infuses a tomato base with various bold peppers, vinegar and pickled onion. Giving it a tangy personality. Sweet. Spicy. Sour.

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